Love Outdoor Play

TP Activity Toys are all about children playing outdoors and having fun. TP provide some great garden products to encourage children to play outside. TP have a great reputation for high quality toys which are great for keeping children active. The Love Outdoor Play campaign is all about getting more children outdoors more often. We want to spread the word on our TP Activity Toys website about Love Outdoor Play Campaign. The campaign is led Play England and supported by the Free Time Consortium to increase freedom to play. They want to make sure that more children can play out more often and want you to help. Everyone can help, even if you only have five minutes. Here at Crocodile Web Group we are helping to spread the word so people are aware of the Love Outdoor Play campaign.

Lets Play Outdoors

TP have a whole range of activity toys that can be used in your back garden from trampolines to slides to swings and playhouses. All these toys are a great way to encourage children to play outdoors. Outdoor play is a vital part of a child’s learning and development. It helps them to learn new skills and discover the environment around them. Using a climbing for example, helps children develop balance and coordination skills. Outdoor play is often active play so children are getting some healthy exercise which strengthens their immune system and makes them less prone to illness.

Outdoor Play

Although we have been talking about playing outdoors with the TP Activity Toys on our website. There are plenty of other opportunities for outdoor play. What about a trip to the local park or a walk in the woods. Children will have great fun building a den in the local woods and what’s more it is free. Or why not take a ball and head for your nearest open space. There are lots of games that you can play with a ball – football, piggy in the middle, basketball, dodge ball, to name but a few. The important thing is that being outdoors should be a normal day to day occurrence, not a treat or something that is done on special occasions.

The Love Outdoor Play is a fantastic campaign designed to get children outdoors, so go on spread the word……