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The TP Little Bouncer is currently on sale at £35.00 so grab a bargain whilst stocks last. The Little Bouncer is loads of fun for little ones, who will be bouncing for hours! The TP Little bouncer was formerly known as the Bubble Bouncer, but was renamed the Little Bouncer, as it did not produce bubbles! This first baby trampoline is ideal for youngsters from a year upwards. It is great to help toddlers with their co ordination and balance skills. The get the sale price on the Little Bouncer, you do not need a TP voucher code, the discount has already been taken off.

TP Little Bouncer Sale

The TP Little Bouncer is now even better value as it is currently on sale. This bouncer is ideally suited to children aged 12 months and up. It is a bouncer that can be used both indoors and outdoors. One of the great features of the TP Little Bouncer is that it folds down, for easy storage. The handle of the little bouncer easily folds to make it very easy to store. The handle is very robust and gives support to toddlers whilst they are bouncing. The Little Bouncer is easy to keep clean. Any spillages can be just wiped away with a damp cloth. So get in quick and purchase the TP Little Bouncer at this great sale price.

TP Little Bouncer Features

We have mentioned above how easy the Little Bouncer is to store, the handle just folds down and it can be stored away.  This compact toddler toy comes boxed and requires no assembly. Simply open the box and the Little Bouncer is ready for the toddler test. The Little Bouncer can be used either indoors or outdoors. If it is used indoors there are foam pads on the base of the Bouncer to protect wooden and tiled floors. Toddlers will not only have fun on the Little Bouncer, but it will also help them to develop balance and coordination skills, whilst having fun.

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TP Little Bouncer

Here at Crocodile Web Group we are authorised retailers of the TP Activity toys. The Little Bouncer is in stock, so if you live in Nottingham and want to save on postage, you are more than welcome to pick the item up from us. Just give us a call on 01949 838103 so we can have the item ready for you.