PPC Management

What Is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay per click advertising is dominated by Google Adwords. This is simply because we the customer use Google so much. Facebook have joined the party but are yet to get close to the offering Google bring to the party. So, at Crocodile Web Group we focus on Google Adwords because this is where the action is.

In essence pay per click advertising is an auction for your position on a search engine. The more you are prepared to pay for a “click” the higher up the list on Google you will go.

Can I Run My Own Google Adwords campaign? 

We often get asked if it is possible for anyone to run their own Google Adwords campaign. The answer is a resounding YES. Google have built a super easy to use platform that requires little to no technical knowledge. So, it is out there for everyone.

Should I Run My Own Google Adwords Campaign?

This question does not have a definitive answer. However, we will gladly have a chat with you about your objectives and requirements and assess whether it is worth you getting some professional help with your campaign. We will only work on your campaign if we are comfortable that we are able to show real benefits.

How Do We Work? 

Full Account Management

Our most common approach is to take on the ongoing management of all aspects of your Adwords campaign. We will report to you regularly and work towards your goals but you are able to be completely hands off. Initially there will be a lot of trial and error (less scary than it sounds) until we establish your strongest keywords and optimise your campaign.

We analyse everything and share all of the information with you. This means you can see exactly where your budget is being spent and the results it is generating using Google Analytics.

Fees – We charge a 20% management fee but firmly beleive that you will get back every penny and more through the benefits we bring your campaign.

Set-Up Only

Some campaigns do not warrant an ongoing account management programme. Because they are;

    • Too small, so our fees would be too high a percentage of your budget.
    • Your sector is  not competitive online.
    • You may enjoy running your own campaign (there are lots of you out there).
    • Fees – Variable, depending on the size of the campaign and what is currently in place. We are happy to discuss any requirements you may have.

    What ever the reason we carry out an initial set-up for you, this will start you off on solid foundations. As well as carrying out the more complex integration with things like google analytics and webmaster tools.


    Every now and then a self managed Adwords account can benefit from a fresh set of eyes to give it a health check. We are more than happy to help you with this. We would assess the complexity of the campaign and come up with either a regular schedule eg, quarterly or work on an ad hoc basis. The choice is yours.

    Fees – You will simply pay for our time on our consultancy services, we charge £30 per hour for consultancy work.

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