At the Crocodile Web Group we own and operate several Ecommerce retails stores and are always on the look out for  new opportunities. Primarily we operate as drop shippers but hold stock  where the business model warrants it.

Drop Shipping

Our core Ecommerce operation is built around drop shipping. We are very strong in the Climbing Frames market and are proud to be authorised retailers of brands such as Jungle Gym, Blue Rabbit and Action.

Sticking with the theme of outdoor play equipment we also offer a fantastic range of playhouses. The brands that we offer are Garden Games, Mercia and Jungle Gym.

As you would imagine we build and operate all of our Ecommerce web property in house. This allows us to roll out our tried and tested business model each time a new opportunity becomes available.

Online Retailer

In some cases drop shipping simply does not suit the business model. In these cases we will carry stock to ensure we maintain the high levels of service expected by our clients.

The best example of our pragmatic approach to online retailing is with sledges. Customers want to buy sledges when it snows. This is obvious but what is less obvious (until you think about it) is that delivery trucks are not great in the snow.

So, with this in mind we hold stock of sledges. This means that organised customers can shop online before the white stuff falls out of the sky and the less organised can come and buy from our premises when the delivery trucks cannot do their thing.

New Suppliers

We are always happy to hear from any wholesaler/manufacturer looking to expand their sales channels. So, if you would like to work with us. please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Portfolio Items